So yep, I’m a coach. Which, in most people’s context or vocabulary, usually means a sports coach. Those people who lead teams to victory with an arsenal of strategies, skills and inspirational locker room lectures.

What I do as an Expectations Exterminator and Confidence Coach isn’t that different. My coaching play book looks a little like this:

• Status check: Qs around what you want, how you’re stuck, how your days tick by…think of it as game film of how you’ve been doing life.

• Strategy: ‘X and O’ plays…action lists to change things up, stiff arm the opponent and get you from the ‘loss’ column to a solid winning streak.

• Support: Tips, encouragement, high-fives from the sidelines with plenty of time-outs to regroup and keep you on the right track. All with judgment free compassion, kick-in-the-butt accountability and some humor. Because life is fun!

Think about it…we spend the first 18-ish years of our lives guided by parents, teachers and coaches. Then we’re released into the wild…expected to figure out adulting with sideline advice as our #1 strategy. We’re programmed by adults who do their best to teach what we should do based on their own experiences. Which isn’t bad logic, per se, but what if we were taught how to listen to our own instincts and intuition, to navigate life based on our individual spirits, souls and goals?

I chose ‘Expectations Exterminator and Confidence Coach’ because building a life you love begins with finding and blasting expectations you’ve let take over. I’ll bet you don’t know just how much they rule. After that, I help you make your play book and cheer you on as you become champion of your own life. We’re saying buh-bye to life’s participation trophy and hell yes to “Hall of Fame.”