It’s time to
stop shoulding yourself.

Let’s get to work.


I see you. 
Buried under a pile of shoulds.

I hear you struggling to breathe…struggling to sleep…struggling to get up and do your day over and over again.  Overwhelmed by all of the things you should do today, should have gotten done yesterday and should do tomorrow.  I see you.  I hear you.  Good news, friend…I know that feeling all too well.  More good news…I have a special shovel that helps you dig yourself out of that pile of shit.  You’re capable.  You’re worth it.  You CAN get out.

I support you as you reacquaint yourself with your power, your intuition, your desire to live YOUR story.  Not someone else’s.  (That’s shoulding.)  We work with a soul-centered, judgment-free approach.  I’ve got you.

The first step is a baby one. (The cute and small kind!)
It’s a free 30-minute chat to talk about what amazingness you want out of your life and to see if we click.  That’s it.


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