A few Words from

my “shoulding” survivors


“Jill was always positive and pointed out the progress I was making. I really loved her practical yet limitless attitude to making my dreams come true. I’m more confident in myself, boldly expressing myself and sharing my passions and feelings with others.  I was able to move forward on the exact thing we were working on, and I know it’s all happening even better than I could have imagined.” 

Jen P.  Portland, Oregon


“Jill is truly skilled, talented and excellent at coaching! Throughout my coaching journey, Jill assisted me with establishing and setting realistic goals both personally and professionally. Every coaching session I had learned more about what excites me, allowed my passions to surface, and took action. This experience working with Jill has lead me to become more fulfilled personally by achieving those set goals. Jill’s coaching ability allowed me to think through my experiences, and venture outside of my comfort zone. As I continue to work towards my long-term goals, I will first remember to live in the moment embracing the journey ahead.” 

Marie P.   Des Moines, Iowa

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