It’s time to STOP “shoulding” yourself & break through the BS of life’s expectations to live the amazeballs life YOU want!

Start Living For YOU!

“I should, but….” 

“I’m sick of dealing with this, but…”

 “I really want to & should, but…”


I hear it all the time. Lots of “shoulds” and “buts” keeping high-achieving professionals who have the drive, ability & passion to live their life at the level they deserve….yet they find themselves struggling! They can’t understand why they never feel happy and fulfilled. 


Sound familiar?! If so, keep reading…




  • Your career has morphed YOU into a monster you hate waking up to M-F.

  • You want to feel happy, like ‘sunshine is coming out of your ass’ kind of happy.

  • You feel the cloud of expectations and everyone’s opinions following YOU EVERYWHERE.

  • When asked about what YOU want, you’re too afraid to say it out loud or you have no clue what your answer even is.  

You function off of expectations, perfectionism, & fear.


All of the “shoulds” power your decisions, your measure of success, your LIFE.


Until you decide to live “should-free”.



I help people around the world deprogram, realign and refocus.


In just 12 weeks YOU WILL:

1. Clear the clutter in your mind and go from overwhelmed to having clarity.

2. Know how powerful and resilient you are – YOU have all the answers inside of you.

3. Develop courage and consistency to achieve your goals.

4. Make confident decisions you are proud of.

5. Believe in yourself and stand strong in YOUR values.

‘Getting through it’ and ‘hoping for better’ isn’t good enough for you.  

“Jill is an incredibly attentive and supportive coach. She was able to offer valuable insights and help me see beyond the specific goals I was working on to some of the bigger themes showing up for me. Her energy and enthusiasm made the sessions really enjoyable and something I looked forward to!”

Megan M.  North Bend, Oregon

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