Say it out loud – it’ll make you chuckle.


Shoulding: the sneaky expectations that sh!t all over your life, make you feel ‘MEH’ and keep you stuck.


Jill: Expectations Exterminator, witty no-nonsense speaker and Shoulding Survivor.   


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You’re here and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. 


You led yourself here (with the help of that nagging feeling that won’t leave you alone!) because something isn’t working in your life.  And you can’t put your finger on it.  Or maybe your finger is on it and you don’t know what to do with said finger or the issue it’s holding down. 


That nagging feeling is a good thing – it’s the siren alerting you that something has to change.  Putting fingers on those feelings and supporting you as you ACTUALLY CHANGE is what I do.


Let me guess:

  • Your career has morphed into a monster you hate waking up to M-F (causing the Sunday Scaries.)
  • Some days you look around at everything you have and wonder, “Why am I not HAPPY?  Like, ‘sunshine is coming out of my butt’ happy?  I have everything I’m supposed to.”

  • The cloud of expectations follows you EVERYWHERE.  Your cloud is made of your parent(s), partner, boss, friend group, neighbors (I see that shiny new car in their garage!)  Everywhere you go, they’re there.  They make you feel kinda anxious, you consider their opinions before your own and things feel harder than they should be.  Am I close?
  • When asked about what YOU want, you’re either afraid to say it out loud or you have no clue what your answer is.  (I was a hefty dose of BOTH.) 


Here’s the GREAT NEWS!  I help people around the world who are full of those icky, stuck, murky feelings lead themselves into a life they’re pumped to show up for every day.  It’s what I do!  (OK, just about every day…life is still life, right?!)


I guide and support you as you ditch the self-doubt and expectations and find clarity.


I help you empower yourself to take action, move forward with confidence and re-shape your every day.


Because ‘getting through it’ and ‘hoping for better’ isn’t (and shouldn’t be) good enough for you.


“Jill is an incredibly attentive and supportive coach. She was able to offer valuable insights and help me see beyond the specific goals I was working on to some of the bigger themes showing up for me. Her energy and enthusiasm made the sessions really enjoyable and something I looked forward to!”

Megan M.  North Bend, Oregon

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