Put a STOP to the SHOULDS that
are limiting you at work, in life and
in your relationships.  Stop Shoulding
and start living at the level you deserve.

Add to the MILLION SHOULDS pile!



Let me guess:

  • Your career has morphed into a monster you hate waking up to M-F (hello Sunday Scaries.)

  • Your nagging intuition has you asking “Why am I not HAPPY?  Like, ‘sunshine is coming out of my ass’ happy?  I have everything I’m supposed to.” 

  • The cloud of expectations follows you EVERYWHERE.  Your cloud is made of your parent(s), partner, boss, friend group, neighbors (I see that shiny new car in their garage!)  Everywhere you go, they’re there.  They make you feel kinda anxious, you consider their opinions before your own and things feel harder than they should be.  Am I close?

  • When asked about what YOU want, you’re either afraid to say it out loud or you have no clue what your answer is.  (I was a hefty dose of BOTH.)

Expectations, perfectionism, fear are your programming.


It’s what powers your decisions, your measure of success, your LIFE.


Until you decide it doesn’t.



I help people around the world deprogram, realign and refocus.


During a coaching series YOU WILL:

1. Clear the clutter in your mind and life, identify your shoulds and dig down to find your fear

2. Learn how to look within – where your answers have always been

3. Set goals  What does success mean to you?

4. Tune your mind and intuition to complement one another

5. Take charge of your life with choices that serve YOUR purpose, not everyone else’

‘Getting through it’ and ‘hoping for better’ isn’t good enough for you.  

“Jill is an incredibly attentive and supportive coach. She was able to offer valuable insights and help me see beyond the specific goals I was working on to some of the bigger themes showing up for me. Her energy and enthusiasm made the sessions really enjoyable and something I looked forward to!”

Megan M.  North Bend, Oregon

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